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 Курочка Ряба
Курочка Ряба
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Tuscany Artists Gardens Издательство: Verba Volant, 2005 г Твердый переплет, 240 стр ISBN 095442882X инфо 12676i.

Book DescriptionArtists have always been drawn to Tuscany, seduced by its outstanding beauty, mild climate and rich cultural history Tuscany Artists Gardens presents thirty Tuscan gardens designed and createdаюьзъ by some of the most renowned contemporary artists in the world today, all of whom have settled in Tuscany, and all of whom have applied their artistic sensitivities to their surroundings in unusual and distinctive ways Each artist’s work reflects, even if unconscioбмпкйusly, a continuity withTuscan traditions while bringing to bear their own cultural heritage and artistic vision Their gardens take many different forms, from majestic, formally designed acres punctuated with sculpture to tiny, intimate spaces that have colors of every imaginable hue Daniel Spoerri has used the landscape as a dramatic backdrop for great new works of art scattered along a botanic trail Niki de Saint Phalle’s extraordinary ‘Tarot Garden’ houses twenty-two polychromatiбсрьфc sculptures representing the major arcana of the Tarot, while in Fernando Botero’s ‘Garden for the Goddess of Fertility,’ monumental bronze figures loom out of the trees Mariella Sgaravatti’s essays offer telling insights into the artists’ motivations, andexplore the ways in which their work is intrinsically connected to the magical beauty of the Tuscan landscape, while Mario Ciampi’s photographs perfectly evoke the atmosphere of each garden The descriptions of the gardens offer many exciting gardening solutions and will become a useful and original source of inspiration for anyone working in the field Artists included: Flavia Arlotta Colacicchi, Roberto Barni, Fernando Botero, Gianni Cacciarini and Daniele Cariani, Pietro Cascella, Lietta Cavalli, Sandro Chia, Niki de Saint Phalle, Betty Di Robilant, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Isanna Generali, Maro Gorky and Matthew Spender, Marcello Guasti, Frances Lansing, Lindsay Megarrity and Donald Leveers, Igor Mitoraj, Robert Morris, бтнччJanet Mullarney, Hidetoshi Nagasawa, WOJ Nieuwenkamp, Beverly Pepper, Sandro Poli, Gianni Ruffi, Jeffrey Smart and Hermes De Zan, Alan Sonfist, Daniel Spoerri, George Trakas, Flora Wiechman Savioli, Betty and George Woodman Авторы Mariella Sgaravatti Mario Ciampi.