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Курочка Ряба
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BRS Pathology Серия: Board Review Series инфо 12664i.

Now in its updated Third Edition, BRS Pathology is an excellent preparatory review for course exams or the USMLE Step 1 Chapters parallel most standard pathology texts and each chapter ends with a review testаюьзн Topics covered include general and basic patology, major concepts of disease processes, and systemic pathology surveying principal disorders of each organ system A comprehensive examination at the end of the book contains 500 USMLE-format questions USMLE questions бмпкаhave all been updated to currentUSMLE format The text is written in outline format for effective review Icons indicate high-yield information that correlates with key pathology concepts 3rd edition Авторы (показать всех авторов) Артур С Шнайдер Arthur S Schneider Филипп А Шанто Philip A Szanto Сандра И Ким Sandra I Kim.