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Enjoying Video Poker (Without Losing Your Shirt) Издательство: Not Avail, 2003 г Мягкая обложка, 204 стр ISBN 1553951980 инфо 12448i.

Stan Hendricks, who has never played a serious game of table poker, has nevertheless been able to parlay his engineering background, analytical mind and years of experience with computer spreadsheets into the аюыюцdevelopment of a really simple method that enables anyoneexpert or noviceto "play the odds" and maximize the likelihood of success in playing video poker This book will show you, among other things, why * A casino can afford to offer nearly 100% бмпгоpayoff * It's usually better to hold a Jack than an Ace * Four cards of a flush is a better bet than an outside straight * Betting the maximum coins doesn't always give you better odds * A low pair is better to hold than a whole bunch of other options that might seem at first glance to be more desirable * Sometimes it may be worthwhile to "take a flyer" at a big winner even though the odds say otherwise * Your chances of getting an honest deal are pretty good * The caбсрыйrds you discard can affect the value of the cards you hold * You may have a better chance at a royal flush or high pair on the draw than you did on the deal * "Playing the odds" doesn't reduce your chance at a royal flush by very much * An inexpensivepocket game may be one of your best investments * Played expertly, video poker can offer a better rate of return than many other casino games; this book could pay for itself and then some in your first session! This book is not just theory; results have been carefully documented in 25,000 hands and further supported by several hundred thousand hands played for fun on one of the pocket games Graphs compare dramatically the results of cautious or reckless play Tables are provided that help youdecide which game is best for you and how to play it for best results Even if you are not interested in video poker, this book is entertaining reading, and the information it contains can really help you enjoy the game бтнчмАвтор Стэн Эндрикс Stan Hendricks.

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