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WordPress for Business Bloggers: Promote and Grow Your WordPress Blog With Advanced Plug-Ins, Analytics, Advertising, and SEO Издательство: Packt Publishing, 2008 г Мягкая обложка, 356 стр ISBN 1847195326 Язык: Английский инфо 12421i.

This practical guide will show you how to make your business blog different from the crowd and attractive to your target audience by implementing the features of WordPress This book is for current users of thаюыэлe WordPress platform who want to get the most out of WordPress to manage business/professional blogs; it is not an introduction to WordPress and does not cover basics such as installation or creating posts and pages, configuring blog settings, etc Readers are expectedбмпбн to have a WordPress blog or to be in the advanced stages of planning one The book is aimed at managers of business/professional blogs, which broadly fall into four categories: Professional Expert Blogs ? owned by individuals who blog in their area of expertise to increase their personal exposure and standing Corporate Blogs ? owned by companies that blog to reach customers and encourage closer relationships, sales, and referrals Online News Sources / Magazines ? blogs that provideбсрыв content on particular topics, funded by ads Campaign Blogs ? not-for-profit blogs run by charities or "causes", designed to promote ideas or encourage certain behaviors Non-business bloggers will also find the book useful if they want to take their WordPress skills beyond the basics Автор Paul Thewlis.