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Курочка Ряба
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IBM WebSphere and Lotus: Implementing Collaborative Solutions Издательство: Prentice Hall, 2005 г Твердый переплет, 528 стр ISBN 0-13-144330-5 инфо 12389i.

Straight from IBM, this is the first comprehensive guide to building collaborative solutions that integrate WebSphere and Lotus to drive maximum business value Writing for experienced Web developers, three leаюыьжading IBM consultants show how to design and deploy WebSphere and Domino together in any environment, no matter how large or complex The authors address architecture, security, performance, availability, development, and much more Using their techniques, you can implбмпаеement cutting-edge collaboration, drive productivity improvements, streamline business processes, accelerate response times - and build your On Demand enterprise Coverage includes: - Architecting WebSphere and Lotus collaboration for maximum effectiveness; - Establishing a common platform that reduces administrative costs and increases ROI; - Choosing what to deploy on WebSphere and what to deploy on Domino; - Optimizing new Lotus collaborative applications for existing WebSphere eбсръьnvironments; - Managing integrated WebSphere and Domino systems; - Using WebSphere and Domino development tools to extend and customize your system; - Accessing J2EE from Domino-and vice versa; - Detailed appendices on WebSphere Application Server, Domino, WebSphere Portal, Lotus Workplace, and much more Авторы Gopal Indurkhya Gopal Indurkhya Michael Laskey Michael Laskey John Lamb John Lamb.