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PDF Reference: Version 1 4 (+ CD-ROM) Издательство: Addison Wesley, 2001 г Мягкая обложка, 956 стр ISBN 0-201-75839-3 инфо 12365i.

PDF Reference Version 14 is a thorough, updated reference for software developers looking to incorporate PDF capabilities into their applications These could be PDF producer apps (those that "save toqаюыъх" PDF directly) or PDF consumer apps (those that read PDFs and allow users to modify their contents) The book includes all the material covered in the previous edition on version 13, as well as items new to 14 Those new features include a filter for decoding JBIGбмояр2-encoded data, enhancements to encryption and interactive forms, ability to import content from one PDF to another, additional viewer preferences and trigger events, and accessibility support for disabled users The book includes a general description of PDF architecture and a comparison to the PostScript language, and explanations of the following: PDF syntax at the object, file, and document level; graphics operators; facilities for presenting text in the form of character shapesбсръф or "glyphs" defined by the font; how device-independent descriptions render the page to match the output device; version 14's transparent imaging model (which allows objects to be painted with varying degrees of opacity); interactive features; and how PDFs can incorporate higher-level information useful for the interchange of documents among apps A PDF version of the entire book is included on the companion CD Also, the index is lengthy and detailed--a definite plus for any reference The book is surprisingly readable despite its highly technical content However, it's unlikely that general graphics professionals who only create and print PDFs will need this reference It tells how PDFs work (right down to the syntax, operators, and PostScript), not how to work with PDFs On the otherhand, developers who are creating applications that will read and/or generate PDFs will find this an essential addition to their bookshelves --Angelynn Grant 3rd Edition Автобтнчгры (показать всех авторов) Jim Meehan Jim Meehan Ed Taft Ed Taft Стефен Черникофф Stephen Chernicoff.