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 Курочка Ряба
Курочка Ряба
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The Zope Book Издательство: New Riders, 2002 г Мягкая обложка, 382 стр ISBN 0-7357-1137-2 инфо 12302i.

The Zope Book, written by the experts who developed Zope, is a guide to building dynamic Web applications using Zope Authors Amos Latteier and Michel Pelletier teach you how to utilize Zope to write Web pagesаюычк, program Web scripts, use databases, managedynamic content, perform collaborative Web development tasks, plus much more Whether you are new to Zope or are a skilled user, this current and comprehensive reference is designed to introduce you to Zope and its uses and бмоэйteaches you how it differs fromother Web application servers From installation and advanced features, such as ZClasses, to using Zope with relational databases, or scripting with Perl and Python, The Zope Book provides the instruction you need Авторы Michel Pelletier Michel Pelletier Amos Latteier Amos Latteier.