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Курочка Ряба
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Programming Microsoft ASP NET Издательство: Microsoft Press, 2003 г Твердый переплет, 1200 стр ISBN 0-7356-1903-4 инфо 12273i.

More advanced than many other books on the subject, this title uses a task-based approach to craft a balanced presentation of the inner workings of ASPNET technology and to provide extensive hands-on code exaаюыхрmples Programmers can plug these code examples into their own projects to learn the ins and outs of the technology and to build and deploy ready-made solutions quickly—making it the ideal comprehensive resource for developers who want to learn ASPNET and start buildiбмоыхng ASPNET-based applications right away Автор Дино Эспозито Dino Esposito.

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