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Курочка Ряба
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Crunch: Big Hitters, Shot Blockers & Bone Crushers: A History of Fighting in the NHL in the Автор Kevin Allen инфо 11796i.

NHL, fans have always appreciated the roughness of hockey, a sport known for vicious checking, on-ice fights, and determined players who refuse to let an injury slow them down Hockey's unofficial warrior codeаюъян stems from a long tradition of physical contact, endurance, mental toughness, and an honorable acceptance of pain The player who does whatever is necessary is revered by teammates and coaches alike He may not always score a goal or make the headlines, but his hard wбмолтork forms the backbone of a successful team It is this warrior-player that Crunch uncovers Crunch introduces bodychecking and shotblocking players, power forwards, agitators, and fighters, from the legendary warriors-on-ice such as Gordie Howe and Bobby Baun, to the current tough-guy stars of the NHL, including Darren McCarty, Stu Grimson, Keith Tkachuk, Eric Lindros Read stories about players who go back into the game with painful injuries, on-ice rivalries, powerful checks, and gбсрхрreat shot blocks The history of fighting and the future of violence in hockey is addressed in this powerful tribute to the players who go out there night after night and fight for their team The book includes 60 Black & white and sixteen color photographs Hockey has become the toughest sport around Despite the controversy over violence in the Автор Kevin Allen.