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Курочка Ряба
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The Rights of Man Серия: Wordsworth Classics of World Literature инфо 11445i.

"Rights of Man" is a classic statement of the belief in humanity's potential to change the world for the better Published as a reply to Burke's Reflections on the Revolution in France, it differs frаюъохom that great work in every relevant respect Where Burke uses the language of the governing classes, Paine writes with the vigor of a self-taught mast-maker and exciseman With passionate and rapier wit, Paine challenges Burke's assertion that society cannot be judgedбмоаю by rational standards and found wanting Rights of Man contains a fully-costed budget, advocating measures such as free education, old age pensions, welfare benefits and child allowance over one hundred years before these things were introduced in Britain "Rights of Man" remains a compelling manifesto for social change Автор Thomas Paine.